Creative Video Marketing is a core component of our Digital Marketing Strategy execution ...
As a Bristol Uk based Video Marketing Agency we design, develop and implement complete Visual Content based promotional campaigns for companies from different market sectors
Major Corporations Are Making Use Of Video Marketing In Their Business In Order To Communicate Their Business Vision
Using Video Marketing As A Core Component Of Search Engine And Social Media Promotion & Advertising Helps To Develop Brand Equity & Accelerates Lead Generation & Building An Email Subscriber Database To Be Used For Permission Based Marketing

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Use Videos For Marketing To Communicate Your Business Vision
All businesses need to have some sort of competitive edge - no matter how good the organisation's products and services are - if the marketing messaging is not strong enough - a competitive edge will be handed over to other companies operating within the same market sector.

Convey Core Customer Centric Value Propositioning

Consider how whichever business you are looking to promote - with the strategic use of video we here at Capid Houser can assist you in delivering your business development messasing to target market sector customers.
Explainer Videos
Let us script out the main marketing messaging of your company's products and services that effectively represents the brand of the business through strategic video marketing.
Whiteboard Videos
This type of visual marketing is perfect for certain types of businesses to use visual content to get their message out to their target market customers for lead generation.
Local Business Videos
Video marketing is perfect for Dentists - Real Estate Agents - Car Auto Dealers - Cosmetic Surgeries - Restaurants - Beauty Salons and any other business sector you can think of.

Restaurants & Food Service Businesses Can Showcase Menus And Food As Well As Showing Seating

Cafes, eateries, restaurants, coffee shops and other food service businesses can benefit enormously by showing food and drinks menus and a visual representation of delicious food.

Promote Gymnasiums And Personal Trainer Services Through The Use Of Visual Marketing

Personal trainers and gymnasiums are able to showcase various exercises and training regimes so that potential customers are able to gain a real understanding of services provided.

Spokesperson Videos
No need to get in front of the camera as a business owner - allow us to choose an appropriate avatar that can adequately represent your organisation in order to get your message out to the world through digital video marketing execution.

Video Marketing For Varying Business Sectors

Use Video Marketing Strategically In Order To Promote Specific Aspects Of Your Business - Use Multiple Visual Campaigns To Boost Different Aspect Of The Company.
Video Is One Of The Most Engaging Mediums On The Internet
Now Is The Time To Gain A Competitive Advantage
You may have a business website but consider the fact how well it is engaging with target market customers.

Images and text is of course good but using creating and strategic videos that are well scripted that cause customers to stop and watch will for sure provide an upper edge for your company.

You will note that the videos on this page are hosted on our own private servers without any distractions or annoying ads.

Automotive Industry & Car Sales Promotion Through Visual Movement Methodologies

Consider the power of being able to make specific videos relating to various car models - automotive dealers can give customers a real understanding the car they are interested in purchasing all through the power of audio and visual means that is made possible through marketing with videos.

The Medical Industry Such As Dentists & Cosmetic Surgeries Should Be Marketing With Videos

The medical industry needs to promote and advertise its services to target customers like any other company - consider plastic surgeons and well as dentists and opticians that can benefit from providing a real feel to the services that they deliver. Powerful medical marketing can be developed through the use of videos.

Now Is The Time To Accelerate Your Digital Marketing Using Video Commercials
What better way to get the message of your local business out to the world at large than by speaking directly to customers using images, graphics, well scripted voice overs and background music to act as a core component of your business' outbound marketing, promotion and advertising strategy execution.

Turn Business Ideas Into World Class Animated Videos
We use videos in our marketing - the same video commercials, animated explainers, whiteboard videos and other visual promotional strategies within our business.

It works for our different business ventures and for sure we use the same strategies to expand the digital marketing footprint of our customers.

We increase engagement for customers using video - we develop lead generation plans and connect to email marketing and more.
Communicate The Main Messaging Of Any Company Using Short & To The Point Video Marketing Messages - Consider The Various Social Media Platforms That May Be Used To Interact With Clients - Remember - 1 Video - Multiple Promotion Channels !!
Are You Ready To Get Started ?
We have developed some standard packages that may be suited to your organisation - we urge you to get in touch in order to discuss further.

The medical industry is a business sector that lends itself perfectly to making use of strategic video marketing. With Capid Houser at your side - cosmetic surgery & medical digital marketing can be taken to the next level which includes dentists and opticians. We apply excellence to Healthcare marketing making use of business development principles for providers, insurers, suppliers as well as other advocacy groups that are used to attract new patients and expand the brand of the medical business in question.

Brand Awareness

Video marketing is the perfect tool to use within your company's business development strategy to increase brand equity.

Social Engagement

Use visual content marketing within the various social media channels that your company operates within.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the foundations for companies to get to grips with. Use video marketing to expand reach.

Lead Generation

All companies need to bring in new clients - video marketing agency style content is perfect for loead generation.

Organic Rankings

Company and product / service videos appear in the search engine rankings along with website content.